Matthew O’Neill

Produced by Bill Fiorella
Recorded live to 2″ tape by Keith Fisher & Francoise Cooper at the Analog Cabin, Wrightwood, CA
Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio, West Hills, CA
Pressed at RTI

Vinyl & Digital Release, February 2015

Matthew O’Neill – Vocals, Guitar
Bill Fiorella – Guitar, Banjo, Back-up vocals, Flute, Shaker
Tyrone Meriner – Keys, Back-up vocals
Glen Fisher – Bass
Toby Williams – Drums
Pablo Milberg – Bass on “Blue Jay Cedar”
Megan Van Dusen, Francoise Cooper, Jennifer Levy – Back-up vocals

*All songs written by Matthew O’Neill


“The sparse, can-kicking stroll of the title track is warmed up further by some Hammond-like organ and O’Neill’s double-tracked Neil Young(er) vocals that do indeed simmer with the vibe of a lonely cabin singalong waiting to happen.” – CMJ

“Listen to the rolling folk of the title track that has echoes of Neil Young, and more than a little feel of the wonderful Wooden Wand about it – we’re liking this a lot…” – Mad Mackerel

“‘Campfire Cook’ is the sound of a man finding peace in the cool night air and quiet evenings. It’s relaxed but not without a core of anticipation for what the morning brings. Gorgeously conceived and arranged, the song lets us see exactly where O’Neill’s heart rests.” – Nooga

“[“Campfire Cook”] has a natural country drawl, and the lyrics, connecting back to the title, are quite humorous and clever. It’s an empowering song and an exciting glimpse into what the new album has in store” – Magnet

About Matthew

Born in Ontario, Canada and raised in Pennsylvania, Matthew spent much of his youth joyously alongside his father in the eastern woodlands. A deep love of music was always within him and when, at age 13, his father passed away, he delved into that love and began playing guitar and writing songs. As a young adult, instead of being swept into the current of big city living, Matthew sought out the experience of life in the American wilderness living nomadically in our national forests.

On Stage

A profound and dynamic connection to the natural world is the hallmark of Matthew’s music. There is an inherent sense of humor in Matthew’s songs which is the product of a life such lived. With one foot in the world of human kind and the other in the realm of the mystic, the music of Matthew O’Neill bridges the senses and intuition, encouraging its listeners at once to let go, tune in and get real.

Campfire Cook brings together Matthew’s extensive musical history, with intimate acoustic pieces amidst more extended “passionate, trance-induced song explorations.” Known for an unrepentant, raw guitar sound, his solos bring us to the edge of our seats and the very edge of our known sonic vocabulary. Matthew, as an artist, stands apart from his musical contemporaries as a feral and unapologetic songwriter combining frequencies of both ancient and modern sound with lyrics of wild abandon. Matthew currently resides in the Catskill Mountains of New York with his wife and children.

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