Tim Eddy

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Produced by Bill Fiorella
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Seldom Seen Studios, Seneca, WI

Digital and CD Release May 1, 2020

Tim Eddy – Vocals, Acoustic guitar, Harmonica
Bill Fiorella – Electric guitar, Keys, Backup vocals, Shortwave radio
Megan Anna Van Dusen – Backup vocals on 4th Of July

Shawn Neary – Backup vocals on Civil Dawn

*All songs written by Tim Eddy

Cover photo by Julie Henline
Inside jacket photo by Marcus Frazee


“Tim Eddy’s new six song release is a poetic frenzy of observational truths and dramatic pauses placed over the top of a wavering background of tremolo and distortion soaked audio layers. It has hints of Leonard Cohen style talk/singing, Tom Waits unabashed ability to break sonic rules, mixed with Prine-like lyrical song stories. It’s soothing and hypnotic. When you listen you can’t stop yourself from pondering the world, your place in it, and your own existence. This album tells the full story, but leaves you guessing enough to come back again and again.”

-Stanton West

“With his debut album,Tim Eddy has crafted a soundscape that breathes a specific palette of cinematic colors. These songs feel as welcome in the unglaciated coulees of Wisconsin as they would in Texas hill country. Tim effortlessly paints the complete arc of a blue collar work day, the struggle and the loss, the contemplation, the melancholic solitude that asks for answers to the larger mysteries. Delivered with a delicate vocal timbre that perfectly compliment his vulnerabilities, these tracks are stories first…tone poems. Stories with a lyrical depth that can only be shown through the eyes of someone who has waited their whole life to open their sanguine heart. These are songs heard first by the lonely horizon. These are songs originally sung to the open road. These are songs for an imagined lover, an intended hope, a yearning.”

-Peter Engen

“Tim Eddy’s debut EP is a beautiful and explorative collection of meditations that play with the boundaries between poetry and song. Tim finds a way to speak in a way somehow both personal and impersonal, an effect that makes relatable experiences like the 4th of July (the first track on the EP) feel so full of meaning and empty at the same time. Above all, the EP is an honest expression of American Midwestern vignettes, a sort of Driftless meditation.”

-Sarah Vos

“This collection of six pieces is a tour through a world where each shred of honesty has fallen through the cracks of broken hearts and marinated in revelation and regret. The landscape we travel here is punctuated by heart strung guitar, harmonica like a lonesome train and an organ droning on beyond the horizon.”

-Elliot Meadow


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