Produced by Bill Fiorella

Recorded on 2″ tape by Keith Fisher & Francoise Cooper at the Analog Cabin, Wrightwood, CA

Mixed by Jason LaFarge at Seizure’s Palace, Brooklyn, NY

Mastered by April Golden at Golden Mastering, Ventura, CA

Digital Release, October 2016

Chris M. Durbin – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Jared Paris – Harmony Vocals, Guitar
Andrew C. Sanchez – Drums, Percussion
Allan Hennessy – Keys, Vocals on “Last Ray Of The Sun”
Wyatt Martin – Bass

Special guests:
Walter Foley – Lead Guitar
Andrew Sanchez, Sr. – Vocal on “Last Ray Of The Sun”
Megan Anna Van Dusen – Vocal on “Iron Mountain Chorus”
Bill Fiorella – Bells on “Antimemory”
Freemon Wicher – Guitar on “Ferroform”

Horn section on “Child”:

Craig Kupka – Trombone
Collin Kupka – Tenor Sax Solo
Paul Litteral – Trumpet
Matthew Moon – Tenor Sax

*All Songs written by Vaneta

Fusing elements of metal, post-grunge, psychedelic, jazz, blues, world, and folk into a sound that is undeniably their own, Vaneta is taking their place among Southern California’s growing independent prog rock movement.

On March 20th of 2015, with the equinox imminent, and a full moon on the rise, Lone Pine Records and Vaneta set out to capture and produce their debut full-length album, “Antimemory.” In order to capture the depth and richness of the music, 2” tape was the medium of choice.. rendering a true analog sound. Like the band members themselves, this music is born of the mountains.. playing on sentience and breadth of character.. life.. death.. love.. loss.. revelation.. Immersed in waves of emotion, the listener is immediately transported to a hypnotic state and is taken on a spirited journey of the human experience, and to places beyond.

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